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Award-Winning Pies

Flat lay view of Blueberry Pie

The Best Pies in Bradenton


Savor the spirit of the sea and award-winning pies — made fresh daily — at Mermaid Pies & Sandwiches near Anna Maria Island in Bradenton, Florida. Serving up sweets, sandwiches and seafood to share, this laid-back lunch spot is inspired by the Florida lifestyle and the legacy of long-time local restaurateur Andrea Spring. A celebrated competitor in the American Pie Council’s National Pie Championships, Andrea’s award-winning pie recipes, from Key Lime to Peanut Butter Truffle, are among the Mermaid’s most-ordered and best-loved still today.

Whether your looking for a tasty lunch to take to the beach or a fresh-made pie to celebrate a holiday or special occasion, the Mermaid is here to provide the tastiest flavors and most memorable service you will find in the Bradenton/Sarasota area.


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Coconut Cream Pie

$5.95 slice / $23.95 whole

Chocolate Cream Pie

$5.95 slice / $23.95 whole

Peach Pie

$5.95 slice / $22.95 whole

Strawberry Pie

$5.95 slice / $24.95 whole

Mixed Berry Pie

$5.95 slice / $25.95 whole

Lemon Meringue Pie

$5.95 slice / $24.95 whole

Tomato Pie

$5.95 slice / $22.95 whole

Key West Crunch Pie

$5.95 slice / $38.95 whole

Chocolate Raisin Walnut Pie

$5.95 slice / $38.95 whole

Key Lime

$2 single / $9 half / $18 dozen

Peanut Butter Truffle Pie

$5.95 slice / $28.95 whole

Pecan Pie

$5.95 slice / $24.95 whole

Key Lime Pie

$5.95 slice / $22.95 whole

Blueberry Pie

$5.95 slice / $25.95 whole

Cherry Pie

$5.95 slice / $24.95 whole

Prince Edward Island Mussels

  • 10-pound minimum

Market Price

Cold Water Bluepoint Oysters

  • 100 count

Market Price

Steamer Clams

  • 10-pound minimum. Littlenecks middlenecks and topnecks 100 count

Market Price

Live Maine (Hard Shell) Lobster

  • From 1-8 pounds

Market Price

Clam Chowder

$6.95 cup / $14.95 quart

Shrimp Corn Chowder

$6.95 cup / $14.95 quart

Lobster Bisque

$8.95 cup / $16.95 quart

Peanut Butter

$2 single / $9 half / $18 dozen

Chocolate Chip

$2 single / $9 half / $18 dozen

Lobster Roll

  • Sweet Maine lobster lightly toasted with mayo chopped celery and scallion served on a butter toasted bun. Also available Connecticut style in hot butter.

Market Price

Cuban Sandwich

  • Traditional Tampa style Cuban pressed


The Mermaid

  • Featuring house-made tuna salad served on top of a lettuce leaf in a toasted ciabatta roll


The Cortez

  • Ham and cheese with sweet apricot spread and mayo pressed in a toasted roll


Cole Slaw

$2 single / $7.95 quart

Black Bean Salad

$2 single / $7.95 quart

Cape Cod Chips

$2 (single only)

Lobster, Cream Cheese & Scallion Quiche


Quiche Lorraine Bacon, Ham & Swiss


Apple Pie

$5.95 slice / $22.95 whole

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Customer Reviews

K T Dume
June 17, 2023
What an absolutely wonderful addition to the area! We've been missing "real" lobster so much when we spend time down here; problem now solved. The Connecticut style lobster roll was incredibly huge. Lobster was served on the side, in butter, so I could eat as much or as little of the butter as I wanted. The bun was small, as it should be, and the lobster wasn't only the musty extras left over when restaurants use the good stuff in other dishes. There was knuckle meat, and plenty of it. Very impressive. The other lobster roll, made with mayonnaise, was also very good but I wish it were possible to order extra-light mayo on something like that. Actually, I didn't think to ask, so it was really our fault we found it too much. Black bean salad is wonderful; we can't say enough good things about it. The portion was so large that we ended up taking most of it home, where it tasted even better the next day. We only tried four desserts between us - coconut cream pie (ridiculously creamy and good), apple pie (stunning), peanut butter cookie (just okay, wouldn't recommend), and chocolate macaroon (all right but again, go for the pies instead). I saw one critical review complaining that they were out of a certain pie by 11.30, and there was very limited seating and parking. Well, heck. It's a small place and you can't expect them to keep every single pie in stock every day! Next time, call ahead; that's what we would have done if there'd been something special we wanted. As to the seating and parking, would it help if I called it a "boutique restaurant"? Because that's what it is. They don't pretend to be a full service sit-down restaurant. And the food is so incredible, they don't have to be!!! Highly highly recommend this place.
Lawrence Kavanaugh
May 21, 2023
Delicious pies. Nice people.
Ashley Benard
May 13, 2023
Cuban is delicious and portions are huge I was able to split one with my cousin for lunch. Also enjoyed the apple pie and a coconut macaroon!
Bill Neill
March 28, 2023
Great keylime pie and friendly service.
Ivonne Ribeiro
March 20, 2023
Best Key Lime anywhere on the planet.
March 5, 2023
Miss working and being at the Sign of the Mermaid....Andrea’s Pies are the BEST !!!!
Trista Lohrie
February 5, 2023
The most amazing pies and sandwiches in Florida.
Flat lay photo of Key Lime Pie

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